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Professional and Transparent,
Innovative und Traditional.

This is Reederei Harmstorf Harmstorf & Co.

These are the guiding principles of the Reederei Harmstorf & Co. Thomas Meier-Hedde GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 2000. An owner-managed shipping company which – despite the global crisis – has absolute faith in the future of the industry, focuses on its strengths and enters into future-orientated collaborations.

Since 2012, Harmstorf has been in a partnership with the owner-managed Schlüssel Reederei KG (GmbH & Co.), Bremen, which was founded in 1950. The Schlüssel Reederei has, since then, been the parent company of the Reederei Harmstorf & Co.


The resulting synergies, the many years of shipping know-how and the strong service-orientation, coupled with professionalism and transparency, innovation and tradition, are the basis for successful and enduring business relationships. Profit from our connections in the worldwide shipping market, from our expertise as a manager of ships, and from our services which are tailored to your needs.


We call it Partner.Ship!