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In this section you find the latest news on our company and ships.

Hamburg, den 25. August 2016:


Changes in Management at Reederei Harmstorf & Co. Thomas Meier-Hedde GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

With effect as of 01 September 2016 Thorsten Thronicke resigned his duties as Managing Director of Reederei Harmstorf & Co. Thomas Meier-Hedde GmbH & Co. KG. Since 01 September 2016 Schlüssel Reederei KG has been solely led by Thomas Meier-Hedde.

Mr Thronicke decided to follow the calling of a big international ship-management company and will take charge of their office in Singapore, which looks after around 40 container vessels, tankers and bulk carriers.

From 01 September onwards, the Fleet manager, Mr Captain Pieter Ende, will also hold the office of the nautical and technical inspection of the company and report directly to the Managing Director.

The shareholders and the Managing Directors of the company do sincerely thank Mr Thronicke for his long and successful service and pleasant collaboration; they wish Mr Thronicke all the best in his future career.

Hamburg, 22 September 2015:


Reederei Harmstorf & Co. and MV "Hélène" recognized by U.S. Coast Guard

The office of the United States Coast Guard, as part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has received a request for the review of several vessels owned, operated or managed by Reederei Harmstorf & Co. Thomas Meier-Hedde GmbH & Co. KG in order to assess the eligibility for the Qualship 21 Program (Quality Shipping in the Twenty First Century). After the review had been completed, the U.S. Coast Guard congratulated Reederei Harmstorf & Co. Thomas Meier-Hedde GmbH & Co. KG on the approval of MV "Hélène" for entry into their quality shipping program.

Less than ten percent of all foreign-flagged ships that operate in the United States meet the eligibility requirements of this program, putting the qualified vessel in an elite class. This is a remarkable accomplishment and the efforts of the organization and the master and crew of the qualified vessel are applauded by the U.S. Coast Guard for setting such a high standard of excellence. In recognition of this superior achievement, the U.S. Coast Guard has provided a Qualship 21 certificate to Reederei Harmstorf & Co. Thomas Meier-Hedde GmbH & Co. KG.

Other vessels that are currently flying a flag outside of the Qualship 21 parameters cannot be considered.

Further information on the Qualship 21 Program, including the eligibility criteria, can be found on the following website:


Bremen, 23 January 2015:


New management team for Schlüssel Reederei (GmbH & Co.), Bremen

Schlüssel Reederei KG and Dr. Andreas Opatz have agreed that Dr. Opatz should relinquish his duties as Managing Director and partner of Schlüssel Reederei w.e.f. 31 January 2015.

They are parting company on account of different views on Schlüssel’s future course.

As a result, Dr. Opatz will also be resigning as Managing Director of all Schlüssel Reederei’s associated companies.

Mr Thomas Meier-Hedde and Mr Thorsten Thronicke will be taking over as Managing Directors of Schlüssel Reederei KG (GmbH & Co.), Bremen.

These two gentlemen will remain Managing Directors of Schlüssel Reederei Group’s Reederei Harmstorf & Co. Thomas Meier-Hedde GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, as well.

Mr Bert König is to succeed Dr. Opatz as Managing Director of Hansa Mare Reederei, in which Schlüssel Reederei KG (GmbH & Co.), Bremen, holds a 50% stake, and of its related single-vessel companies.

The partners in Schlüssel Reederei KG (GmbH & Co.), Bremen, wish to thank Dr. Opatz for his many years of successful cooperation and wish him good fortune, every success and personal fulfilment in the future.

Bremen/Hamburg, 2 November 2012:

Schlüssel Reederei and Reederei Harmstorf & Co. join forces

With effect as of 01. October 2012 Schlüssel Reederei KG, Bremen, has taken over         100 % shares of Reederei Harmstorf & Co., Hamburg, from Thomas Meier-Hedde, one of the shareholders of Schlüssel Reederei.

Schlüssel Reederei aims to pool its own knowhow and resources with those of Reederei Harmstorf & Co.

Reederei Harmstorf & Co. will continue as an independent company, managed by the existing managing directors Thomas Meier-Hedde and Thorsten Thronicke.

The departments of both companies will be centralized to one or the other of the existing offices in Bremen and Hamburg but will be managed as one functional entitiy.

"By pooling the resources of both companies we will realize synergies that enable us, to face the challenges of an on-going difficult market situation much better", states the managing director of Schlüssel Reederei, Dr. Andreas Opatz.

The reorganization will have been accomplished by the end of the year and will yield synergies and cost optimization on- and off-shore.

Both companies will jointly manage 18 container vessels and are open for further cooperation and ship management contracts.

Hamburg, December 2010:

Change of company name and relocation of the shipping company

As announced in August 2010 the change of company name of the shipping company was completed in the meantime. The shipping company operates from now on under the following name:

Reederei Harmstorf & Co.
Thomas Meier-Hedde GmbH & Co. KG.

Furthermore, the shipping company moved in December 2010 to a new office location, close to St. Michael's Church. The new address is:

Englische Planke 2
20459 Hamburg.

All known telephone numbers, the corresponding direct dial in numbers and fax numbers remain unchanged.

Hamburg, September 2010:

Changes in Management

Reederei Alnwick Harmstorf & Co. GmbH & Co. KG is pleased to announce the following management changes within the company:

Mr. Thorsten Thronicke has been promoted to managing director and is now authorized to represent the company jointly beside Mr. Thomas Meier-Hedde.

Mrs. Amélie Oetker was granted commercial procuration.

Mrs. Leslie Walle de Cevallos was granted commercial power of attorney.

Hamburg, in August 2010:

Change of Partner at Reederei Alnwick Harmstorf & Co. GmbH & Co. KG

Reederei Alnwick Harmstorf & Co. GmbH & Co. KG likes to announce that Mr. Thomas Harmstorf has sold his 50% share to investors that are close to the company and will, as a result, retire from the company and the executive board.

Thomas Harmstorf will continue to work from the traditional and family-owned block of offices located at Klopstockstrasse 1 and offer consultative services.

In the medium term, the corporate name shall change by the addition of a further name.

Next to the newly joined partners, Thomas Meier-Hedde holds an unchanged 50% and is henceforth the exclusive director of the company.

The company currently runs 14 container vessels, with a ranging capacity from 500 TEU to 2.740 TEU and employs 22 colleagues at shore and around 300 seamen on board.